IT IS connect

IT IS connect is the fully integrated, reliable and automated electronic data interchange (EDI) system for Microsoft Dynamics to transfer documents with business systems (e.g. SAP)

IT IS connect is a .NET based communication system. It enables electronic data exchange in the B2B area and acts as gateway for various IT systems. IT IS connect is an inexpensive flat rate, because the cost does not depend on the number of transmissions. Want some figures? IT IS connect has done more than 550.000 transactions. Today there are over 1000 satisfied IT IS connect-user, and counting.

Your business partner and you can work hand in hand.

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Your important data is in the right place at the right time with IT IS connect now.

In the daily business of your company, there is a remarkable amount of data to be processed. Above all, documents like invoices, quotes, orders, bills of delivery, and other forms and regular correspondence are everywhere, and retyping those is a common practice.

Some people do nothing else but to process huge amount of data typing them from hardcopy form into your business system. This means a time-consuming, but still non-productive job for many enterprises, because the electronic data often already exists elsewhere. Wouldn‘t it be much better if it just needs checking and taken over? This would save enormous amounts of time. With IT IS connect, that wish becomes reality. Directly use data from different associated systems for your own purpose, always with a maximum technical security, of course.

Furthermore you don‘t have to be concerned, if your ”counterpart“ can directly process your data without any difficulties, because the transmitted IT IS connect documents represent a standard which is understood by many participants or could be translated easy. Since the steering board to the data exchange is in your business software or in a browser, IT IS connect is very user friendly.

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IT IS connect

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